Researcher Ed Riley Seeks Information About Adults with FASD

Prominent FASD researcher Dr. Ed Riley is seeking feedback from individuals living with FASD and their family members and caregivers. Dr. Riley is the Director of the Center for Behavioral Teratology at San Diego State University and the Director of CIFASD, the world’s largest scientific collaborative initiative on FASD, and a member of the NOFAS Board of Directors.

He is looking for any cases of adults with an FASD who had difficulties as a teenager and/or young adult, but seem to have done better than might be expected in their late 20′s or early 30′s. He is looking for kids who were in trouble with the law, could not hold a job, had difficulty in school, were not able to organize their lives, or not able to understanding consequences, etc., who when they reached their late 20′s or early 30′s got a job, got married, or were able to live independently, etc., and appear to be doing OK or much better than anyone would have predicted.

If anyone has an example, please send a short vignette of what they were like then and what they are like now to Dr. Riley via email. Please also describe  any specific thing that triggered the change or if it was more a function of maturation.  For more information contact Dr. Riley directly. Contact details: Edward P. Riley, Ph.D., Director, Center for Behavioral Teratology, San Diego State University, Telephone: 619-594-4566.