You Can Help

  • Fundraisers and Grant Writers: We are looking for creative and energetic people with networks and contacts to share.
  • Mentors: Do you have a skill or hobby to teach? Perhaps you can spend time with a young person, who would like nothing better than to share an outing or activity?  One caring adult can make a huge impact.
  • Social Media Gurus: Do you have a large network on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter?  Would you be interested in tweeting, posting or blogging for us? Your networks bring huge awareness to our efforts.
  • Marketing and communications professionals: Looking for an internship? Need a thesis project?  Your efforts can help build awareness of FASD, along with your resume.
FASD Volunteer Survey – please fill out, even if you are not sure if / how you can help


Raise Awareness

We need marketing and communications professionals to raise our profile and spread the word about FASD. Are you studying this condition and looking for a thesis project? Perhaps a college internship might be in your future? Contact Us today to find out how you can help increase understanding of FASD and FASD Communities.

FASD Volunteer Form